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This year was my second time at the scala days conference which was held in Copenhagen. Two days for a training and two days with sessions about scala. The conference was held from 1. to 2. May at Bella Center. Even this year Lightbend had two conferences. The first one was from 18. to 21. April in Chicago. I’m looking forward to see when and where the next scala days 2018 will be held.

Bella Center


Inside Bella Center:


My program at ScalaDays 2017 is listed below and including a two day training on Akka:

Tuesday 30. May

  • First part of my training on fast track to akka with Eric Loots from Lightbend


Wednesday 31. May

  • Second part of my training on fast track to akka
  • Keynote Martin Odersky - What’s different in Dotty

Thursday 1. June

  • Keynote Viktor Kuncak — Tools for Verified Scala.
  • 8 Akka anti-patterns you’d be better aware of by Manuel Bernhardt (@elmanu)
  • Learn you Akka Streams for great Good! by Heiko Seeberger (@hseeberger)
  • Akka Support in IntelliJ IDEA - by Andrew Kozlov (@adkozlov)
  • Long-lived microservices by Jan Machacek (@honzam399)
  • ADTs (Algebraic Data Types) For The Win! by Noel Markham (@noelmarkham)
  • Using Scala.js and functional reactive programming for developing (enterprise) applications
  • Vert.x 3 goes Scala by (@codepitbull)

Friday 2. June

  • Keynote Isabell Drost-Fromm — Open Source is just about the source, isn’t it?
  • Managing Consistency, State and Identity in Distributed Microservices by Duncan DeVore (@ironfish)
  • Reification and type-safety in a CQRS world by Renato Cavalcanti (@renatocaval)
  • Akka Streams for high throughput data processing by Zack Loebel-Begelman (@ZSkittlesLoebel)
  • sbt: Beyond the Build Tool by Jeff Olchovy (@tapadeng)
  • Building high available systems with Akka Distributed Data by Jeroen Gordijn (@jgordijn)

Here are some highlights that I would recommend:

I really liked the training with Eric Loots thought it was a really fast track it was also a pleasure to have him as a trainer. Martin’s Keynote about Dotty was also a great one, I liked to here that we will have great tools in the future. I also can recommend 8 Akka anti patterns from Manuel Bernhard and also the talk about Akka Streams by Heiko Seeberger. ADTs gives you a good impression what algebraic data types are and how you use them. It’s interessting to here that Vert.x 3 now also has support for Scala. Managing consistency was also an interisting talk by Duncan DeVore and I also liked the talk about SBT. Building high available systems with akka distributed data was my last session, before I had to leave to the airport.

The sessions were recorded and will be available soon!

Some impressions in pictures I took:

The keynote


Sessions …

8 Akka Anti-Patterns



Akka Streams


Akka Streams for high throughput


Beyond the build tool (sbt)


Dunvan DeVore’s session about “Managing Consistency, State and Identity in Distributed Microservices”