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This is an example that puzzled me a few hours …

import scala.util.matching.Regex

val Parse = """class""".r

def recursion1(s: String): String = {
  if (Parse.findAllMatchIn(s).hasNext) recursion1(s.replaceFirst("class", "clazz"))
  else s
recursion1("This class is a demo and it extends class y.")

def recursion2(s: String)(pattern: Regex): String = s match {
  case pattern(_) => recursion2(s.replaceFirst("class", "clazz"))(pattern)
  case _ => s
recursion2("This class is basic and extends from a base class")("(class)+".r.unanchored)

I did two versions. The first one uses an iterator with findAllMatchesIn but I wanted a version which uses pattern matching.

What I was stumbling arround was the missing unanchored function for the Regex.

So this post should remind me to use unanchored to match for all occurences of the pattern.